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BORDER DEFENSE WAR x1 Drakis Pendant + 750 National Points
NATION WAR x3 Silvery Gem+ x1 Gold Bar + 1000 NPs + respawn mobs for farm drakis pendant
CHAOS DUNGEON 1º : x1 Gold Bar + 500 Nps + certificate of wings(1 day)
2º : x5 Silvery Gem + certificate of wings(1 day)
3º : x2 Silvery Gem + certificate of wings(1 day)
JURAID MOUNTAIN x2 Silvery Gem, x2 Red Gem, x2 Blue Gem, x2 Yellow Gem, x2 Green Gem + x1 Gold Bar
DEVA : X1 GOLD BAR and the anothers boss silver bar
DEATH MATCH x1 Voucher of Bronze Premium (3 days) + x1 Gold Bar + 1kc for kill
CASTLE SIEGE WAR 300 Knight Cash + 7000 National Points
EVENT ONLINE x1 silvery gem every 1 hour online
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Human Online 25

Total Account : 199

Total Users : 331 - Ban User : 2

Total Clan : 14

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